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Design of Storage Tank in 3d modeling. N

Rig Boss International will design a specific solution for each project. This can cover but not limited to:

  • Design and build specialized rig and rig components for each project. 

  • Develop Oil Industry Infrastructure design, construction and operation focus on underdeveloped areas.

  • Develop drilling and completion programs.

Aerial image of an oil drilling rig bein

Once designed and built Rig Boss International will deliver each solution to the required location. Our speciality is the remote and underdeveloped areas of the world. 

  • Helicopter portable drilling rig to a remote island

  • Small footprint Managed Pressure Drilling System to a South China Sea platform

Driller's console. Offshore oil rig.jpg

After delivering and commissioning, Rig Boss International can operate and manage each project until completion.

  • Operate in remote and hostile areas managing risk to the successful completion of drilling and completion targets. 

  • Actively reduce drilling completion costs by increasing efficiency of all aspects of program.

  • Train and supervise local personnel.




Rig Boss International is a private company owned by Rusty Jordan, who has 40 years experience in the oil industry as a drilling rig operator, designer, inventor, and manufacturer.

Rig Boss International operates on a solution driven approach to solve industry challenges to today’s drilling and exploration operations. Specific focus is directed toward the logistics challenges to drill and produce in some of the remote and most difficult areas of the world to reach.  Unique logistics solutions have been developed to reach valuable natural resources in remote areas of Papua New Guinea and Peru. Rig Boss is developing new strategies to meet the logistic and security challenges in emerging markets of Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. 


The biggest challenge today to the worldwide oil and gas industry is people. There are not enough trained people to meet the demand. The industry lacks enough training facilities and curriculums to train today’s workers. Rig Boss International focuses on training local personnel and develop local infrastructure to help strengthen the economy and the people. 



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Rig Boss International is an innovative leader in "Customized Rig Packaging" providing turnkey drilling solutions with capabilities of establishing infrastructure to support remote operations

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